Ral Partha AD&D Ravenloft Miniatures

Ral Partha produced twenty-six blisters and three boxed sets for TSR's Ravenloft campaign. Most of the undead produced by Ral Partha for thier AD&D line was to be found in the Ravenloft line. The Ravenloft line consisted largely of vampires but also included other typical horrors such as werewolves. witches and mummies. Ravenloft was basically a Dungeons & Dragons rendition of the horror movie industry of the early 1900s and even included a Frankenstein theme. The miniatures from the twenty-six 11-100 series blisters are pictured below, the boxed sets are shown in the Boxed Sets page.

11-100 Greater Wolfwere - Wolf Hybrid, Male and Female Forms
11-101 Werebat - Batlord's Human and Hybrid forms and Lackey
Note a variation of the shorter bat.
11-102 Greater Mummy - Queen, Mummy Lord & Servants
11-103 Demi-human Vampires
11-104 Vampyres
11-105 Village Mob
11-106 Village Personalities
11-107 Goblyns
11-108 Great White Stag
11-109 Gypsies
11-110 Gypsy Dancers
11-111 Lords of Ravenloft - Vlad Drakov, Strahd von Zarovich & Gabrielle Aderre
(1 of 3 pictured)
11-112 Vampire Hunters
11-113 Lost Ones
(old stock number of 103 on pictured blister)
11-114 Wolfweres - Male, Female, Hybrid & Victim
(2 of 3 pictured)
11-115 Zombie Lord & Lackeys
11-116 Ratk Ubel
11-117 Man Wolf
11-118 Natalia Vorshkova
11-0119 Vampires: Orlok, Female & Bellac Gordol
11-120 Lab Work Tables and Labware
(no picture available)
11-121 Assorted Life Energizers
11-122 Frantisek Markov
11-123 Ivana Boritsi
11-124 Alfred Timothy
11-125 Witches