Ral Partha AD&D Birthright Miniatures

Ral Partha produced eight blisters and two boxed sets for TSR's Birthright campaign. The miniatures were excellent and some of the best produced by Ral Partha. The miniatures from the eight 11-175 series blisters are pictured below, the boxed sets are shown in the Boxed Sets page.

11-750 The Spider
11-751 Lamia
11-752 Chimaera
11-753 Banshegh (Justina & Banshegh)
(Banshegh is the ghost form of Justina and made in plastic.)
11-754 Quirad Al-Dinn
11-755 The Sword Mage
11-756 Llaeddra of Lluabraight
11-757 Ghuralli, Orog Warlord, Awnshegh