Minis for Sale/Trade

We are now the official owners and producers of Center Stage Miniatures. You can purchase these online at:

I am regularly selling my spare minis on ebay under seller ID  Kalapurusha, please check out my current Ebay Listings.

On eBay I have 100% positive feedback on sales and offer a 100% guarantee. I offer that same assurance on miniatures that I sell directly: I guarantee receipt of miniatures; I guarantee that the miniatures will not be broken; I guarantee that if there is a loss, broken miniature, or any other problem that I will refund not only your purchase but also the shipping to you and the return shipping if you need to send them back to me. I also guarantee 100% satisfaction, so if you get the miniatures and are not happy for any reason, or even if you changed your mind about wanting them, then I will take them back if you notify me within a week, though in this case you are responsible for shipping charges.

I am also always open to buy and trade for miniatures that I need to finish my collections, so please let me know if you have some miniatures you would like to trade or sell.


Minis I Need

Please download my Mini Needs List to see what I am especailly keen to buy or trade for.

There are many figures I am looking for these days, so if you have anything, just let me know and I will probably be interested. I am always open to buying large lot of figures as well if you have a pile that you need to move.