After discontinuing their license to Grenadier, in 1983 TSR began production of their own miniature line. TSR produced several boxed sets, including a Dragnolance set and two Conan boxed sets based on the 80's movies starring (Governer) Arnold Schwarzenegger. The artwork on the boxes was lacking, the images of the miniatures one the back side of the box were lacking, but the boxes themselves had large foam compartments, along with a foam sheet on top and bottom, that did an excellent job protecting the miniatures - better than did the earlier Grenadier boxes. Oh, but this is about minis - the minis were not very good, unfortunately. Many details were poorly cast and weapons were all to flimsy with sword blades having to scale width, which means 1/4mm blades which were just waiting to break. Some miniatures were well cast and nicely detailed and painted up remarkably well. In fact, most miniatures looked better painted then one would have thought, which made painting them fun and rewarding. All in all, they put too many adventurers in boxes and way to few monsters. However, the monsters they did produce for their boxes sets looked so different than those in the Monster Manual that perhaps it is best that they did not make more monsters... In addition to the boxes sets, TSR produced twelve character player blisters and twelve monster blisters, these being in general better than many of the figures in the boxed sets. The monsters were much better and very useable with some species being cast for the first time by any manufacturer.

The TSR line was the least popular line of D&D miniatures ever produced due to their general poor quality and breakage prone weapens. Obviously a lot of money went into the design as they had great packaging. The blisters even had dungeon tiles on the back to use in game play. If only the miniatures had been as good. Still, there are several worth owning and gaming with and everyone will find at least a few of the TSR figures to their liking. The best set and the most popular was the Basic Figure set. This box had some interesting figures, a few monsters and the figures painted up very nicely. The set is worth around 50.00 when all weapons are intact. Sealed the set will bring in 60-70.00. Most of the other boxed sets are only worth 10.00-20.00 each even when in mint or sealed condition. The GenCon RPGA Set, the Conan sets and Dragonlance set are easily worth 35.00-60.00 each. A few sets (the Champion and Expert) I have never seen and so have no idea of the value though I would suspect that these would sell for at least 50.00. Blisters are generally very cheap, being worth only 3.00-7.00 a pack. A few of the hard to get ones, such as the Druids, Fighters and Half-Elves may be worth a bit more. As mentioned, the blisters contain pretty good miniatures and are a bargain at these prices. 

TSR miniatures are identifiable as such very easily as they are all stamped TSR with a date of 1983 or 1984.

TSR produced their own line of miniatures for just two years. In 1985 they discontinued production and instead licensed Citadel/Games Workshop to produce their miniatures. These miniatures continued to bear the TSR stamp. 

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