Grenadier AD&D Large Boxed Sets

Grenadier released five large boxed sets three of which came with many useful monsters and two of which came with all to many human types. At the time, getting a box of 20 varied player character was a nice thing. To a collector years later, who is swamped with player characters and short on interesting monsters, more large monster boxes would have been nice... Four of the large box sets (all but the dragon) were carryovers from their Wizzards & Warriors line.

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5001 Explorers


5002 Monsters

In the earlier Wizzards and Warriors version of this set two different Balrogs were used. One with a highly breakable sword and another smaller one.


5003 Woodland Adventurers


5004 Tomb of Spells

Three Versions of this set were released with just a few differences in the miniatures.

The earliest and most rare version came with an umber hulk, a very neat minotaur, a djinni and an efreeti, all of which were eventually replaced. (A painted Efreeti from this set sits atop the header.)

The second version, which is also very rare replaced the umber hulk with a cockatrice and the minotaur with a shrieker.

The final version replaced the djinni and efreeti with a night hag and lamia.

5009 Dragon's Lair

Grenadier produced only three Dragons for their AD&D line, this grand diorama, the baby dragon from their Tomb of Spells set and the Prowling Dragon from their Fantasy Fiends Action Arts set. After quitting the AD&D line, they went on to produce an exception line of dragons, which were no doubt originally planned for their AD&D line.



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