Elric and Other Archive Miniatures

Archive produced a few other, very small, lines of miniatures: An Elric of Melnibone line from the gothic fantasy Elric Saga by Michael Moorcock; a Fantasy line of multi pack blisters from 1981 or so, most of which were simply repacks of older figures along with a handful of new figures. 

Elric of Melnibone 301-308

301 Dragon Warriors of Imryrr 
302 Warrior of Chaos 
303 Sardik - Elrik's Father 
304 Devil Beast of Pan Tang 
305 Cataphracts of Shazar 
306a Theleb K'aarna Sorcerer of Pan Tang 
308 Elric of Melnibone 

Fantasy Series 5000-5044

5004 Warriors 
5005 Amazons 
5006 Ladies of Fantasy 
5007 Hibbot (Bilbo?) 
5007 Hibbot, armoured  
5007 Hibbot with sword 
5007 Hibbot Female 
5008 Great Wizard (casting) 
5009 Great Orc with Whip and Mace 
5009 Great Orc with Sword 
5010 Valkyrie 
5011 Cimmerian King 
5012 She-Devil 
5013 Dread Nightwraith 
5014 Madame Star 
5015 Grey Wizard 
5018 Griffon 
5021 Pegasus 
5025 Goblin Wolfrider Command Group 
5030 Entman 
5031 Sharkadillo 
5041 Dungeon Nasties III 
5042 Dungeon Nasties IV 
5043 King Rat
This Rat was blistered with a few of the 768 Giant Rats. 
5044 Dungeon Nasties V 
5045 Baby Unicorn 
5047 Paladin (in plate)