Minis for Sale/Trade

I am regularly selling my spare minis on ebay under seller ID  Kalapurusha, please check out my current Ebay Listings.

On eBay I have 100% positive feedback on sales and offer a 100% guarantee. I offer that same assurance on miniatures that I sell directly: I guarantee receipt of miniatures; I guarantee that the miniatures will not be broken; I guarantee that if there is a loss, broken miniature, or any other problem that I will refund not only your purchase but also the shipping to you and the return shipping if you need to send them back to me. I also guarantee 100% satisfaction, so if you get the miniatures and are not happy for any reason, or even if you changed your mind about wanting them, then I will take them back if you notify me within a week, though in this case you are responsible for shipping charges.

All my available minis can be seen by downloading the zip file of pictures from the link at the right. Please me the picture numbers of any figures you are interested in and I will work out the prices for you. I give discounts and/or free shipping if you buy larger quantities. I update these files about once a week and have about 700-1200 figures available at any time.

I am also always open to buy and trade for miniatures that I need to finish my collections, so please let me know if you have some miniatures you would like to trade or sell.


Minis I Need

There are many figures I am looking for these days, so if you have anything, just let me know and I will probably be interested. I am always open to buying large lot of figures as well if you have a pile that you need to move.

Available Miniatures

Miniature prices start at 1.00 each, depending on the condition and rarity of the figure. If you buy a large quantity of miniatures I will generally provide a discount as well. If you are interested in any of the miniatures, simple send me an with the picture number of the minis you want and I will work out a price for you.