Looking for an artist to paint some of your figures for you, here are some artists I have found to be reliable and good people. 


Lyn Stahl

Location: Lewisville, Texas

Commission Cost:

Ebay Auctions: Metalheadminis

CMON Gallery

Lyn Stahl is a hard working painter who paints regularly for gamers while having also painted for Iron Wind Metals so she is all ready to paint your vintage collectable figures.
Commission costs vary depending upon exactly what you want, but her prices are very reasonable - so don't hesitate to inquire for prices.

This one, that Lyn painted for me, is Ral Partha's Goddess of Love.


Anne Cooper

Location: Cinnaminson, New Jersey

Commission Cost:

Ebay Auctions: minicreatures

CMON Gallery

Anne Cooper is a fantastically creative painter - I don't think I have ever seen her do anything the same way twice, each of her figures is a unique creative piece - not that she can't paint any army of look alikes for you if that is what you need.
Commission costs very depending upon exactly what you want, but her prices are very reasonable - so don't hesitate to inquire for prices.


Pam Albin

Location: Danville, Illinois

Commission Cost: 35.00 plus or minus depending on work done.

Ebay Auctions: superbug

Pamela Albin paints minis wonderfully. Every mini I have seen from her has been very nice. Pam placed 3rd at the Gencon 2010 in the Unit Category. Pam's only problem is that she is a lousy photographer, so her minis ALWAYS look way better in real life than they do in the photos.

Pam regularly holds buy it now auctions on ebay, and her figures are priced very, very affordably, so be sure to check out her ebay auctions: superbug.







Jim Cook

Location: Westminster, Colorado

Commission Cost: 10.00 - 50.00

CMON Gallery

I have been painting miniatures off and on since 1982. In 2005 I started selling some on eBay. Those sales led to the beginning of some commission work. I really didn’t get serious about painting until December 2009, when I saw a web site by a professional miniature painter and wondered how I could get that good. I have worked hard to get better every day since then and have started posting my work on web sites like, and on my Facebook page (Rogue Wolf Miniatures).
Commission work is per agreement. I will basically work on anything asked to paint, in any style wanted. I would prefer my customers either have the mini themselves or purchase them and send them to me to paint, but I can and have purchased them in the past to paint for others. Prices are negotiable per mini, but the basic range is $30 to $50 for Standard Table Top gaming and from $45 to $60 for High End Table Top (Which includes custom basing). Large units (5 or more with basically the same scheme) done in the old school style are from $10 to $20 per figure. Display figures start at $75 and go up from there. For large monsters like dragons, pricing will depend on how they are to be painted. All prices are in US Dollars. If you are interested in having a miniature or a group of miniatures painted, please either contact me through e-mail or post your request on my Facebook page.

7 year old paints her first miniature! It's not that hard to paint game quality figures, but you may still want to hire an adult to paint your figures!